2019. 01. 02.

Érdemes várni?- zeneajánló

Szerintetek miért érdemes várni a szexszel a házasságig? Létezik az igazi? A magyar staykids zenekar ezt a témát feszegeti a legújabb funky dalukban. Hallgassátok!

„Mert ő hús a húsomból, csont a csontomból.”


I just want you to know that I’m glad


Though I don’t know you yet

I’m sure that you are wandering somewhere out there


And you know I am waiting for you

Saving you my passion

My bed and my solitary devotion


I’ll be changing endlessly

To serve you selflessly all my life

A loyal man, I’m gonna be

God will help me see the stardust in your eyes


You’re made of my dreams

But you’re real

And should you be anywhere in this whole world

I’ll find a way to tell you just how much you’re worth


You are waiting, too

I hope so

And I don’t really care if you’re out of my league

Father now I pray you convince her, oh please


Flesh of my flesh

Bone of my bones


That she is

Flesh of my flesh

Bone of my bones


We will act like some naive children

Playing in the garden

While their Father is looking after them


‘Cause love was kept from us like a secret

And now we’re all in

Discovering beauties that have been hidden


I’ll try to be the best of me

So I let you know my doubts

And I know it sounds so corny

But I know I’ll watch the sunset in your eyes


Well your eyes may be brown

But I’ll soon figure it out

And I hope you’ll never cut your golden hair

Boys will come be blabbin’

But You just keep on rockin’

So don’t you dare settle for less

girl, I’m coming


Got the googles to see beauty on the inside of you

This way I see now all the fingerprints of God on you


To Bali or to a rally

to Mali on a safari

to the bars, to the beach

to the mall, in your reach

With God on our side we’ll always be rich




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